Adote um Coração
Adote um Coração

Brazilian dentist Thais Bueno has been a dog lover since her childhood, but it was just in 2017 that she started a very special work in Sao Paulo. She started rescuing dogs that needed help and ended up involved in all kinds of volunteer work: offering veterinarian treatments, searching for foster homes and promoting animal adoption. That’s how she started the project Adote um Coração, that has helped more than 50 animals over two years.

In 2019, Adote um Coração (Adopt a Heart) started being more active on social media and became a beneficent, non-profitable organization for the assistance of abandoned or abused dogs. That happened because Thais met Alexandre Soares, Brazilian businessman who is also an animal lover and has been acting with philanthropy in Brazil and abroad. Mr. Soares became the patron of the project and one of its most enthusiastic supporters.

In just one year the association helped more than 100 dogs. The work done by Adote um Coração (Adopt a Heart) is different from the one performed by similar organizations in Brazil because it operates as an extremely important support, offering special treatment for dogs in delicate situations. Each surgical procedure includes the best kinds of veterinarian exams and the most qualified professionals from the area. The average cost of a treatment is R$1,500.00 per dog and it may reach up to R$15,000.00 for more severe cases.

Thais likes to highlight that the essence of her volunteer work is providing singular treatment to abused dogs that after so much suffering should have a loving foster home. Especially if they are older animals. She says that watching Adote um Coração (Adopt a Heart) growing and becoming a reference in this kind of animal rescue is a dream coming true. She also remembers the early days of the association, when she was by herself and for several times she had to manage her professional schedule with the volunteer work and all the efforts it requires.

Now, Adote um Coração (Adopt a Heart) has a headquarters in Sao Paulo and it’s setting a calendar of actions. The future plans include the organization of fostering events and regular support to independent protectors, by providing financial help for exams and food.

Thais and Alexandre both live with fostered dogs and agree that adopting an animal is much more than an act of love. It’s also social responsibility. Thais is the tutor of 3 beautiful dogs – Chica, Pepa and Betina, all of them came from a breeding kennel. Alexandre has the companion of  Vogue, a charismatic French bulldog.

Adote um Coração


Support and develop actions favorable to the animal cause;

 Promote efforts in order to offer protection and assistance to abandoned animals – whether they are sick or not.

 Contribute to the fostering process, including all its steps with special attention to the adaptation ones.

Plan, organize and promote programs that focus on animal assistance and care, in order to provide them a longer and better life.

Promote cultural and sports events to spread actions that increase awareness about animal rights and social development.

Promote volunteer work.

Produce educational and cultural material about animal rights and care.

Promote and support projects and studies in the area of animal protection.