MODEL: CAMILA WISNIEWSKI | @camilawisniewski
BEAUTY: CAROL ALMEIDA PRADA | @carolalmeidaprada
STYLIST: SATOR ENDO | @satorendo


Camila Wisniewski is a Brazilian top model born in the South of that country, 26 years ago. She started her modeling career at 16 and since then has travelled the world showing her beauty and working hard. Camila has lived in Miami for two years and is a huge fan of the city. Recently, she’s been spending some time in Madrid due to her new project: a jewelry brand named WIS that’s releasing its first collection.

Camila 1

1.What has been the biggest challenge in your career so far?

The distance, for sure… the distance from my family, my friends. I was very young (when I left home) and my life changed completely, but I like challenges and I think they contribute a lot in what we become. Some of them seem very hard to handle, but I believe that all of them bring us a big lesson and that’s part of our growing process as human beings. Besides that, the feeling of overcoming a challenge is amazing.

Camila 3

Camila 2

2. How would you describe your style?

I love that elegant, classy style… I think this is how I try to be and it’s what I admire in other people. I am working on a new jewelry collection right now and I will try to put the best style in it. I want people to feel beautiful and confident with my jewelry.

3 . What’s your biggest dream?

I’ve had many dreams that became true and I’m trying to make the other ones possible, but the most important in life is being happy no matter where or how.

Camila 5

Camila 4

4. What would you do if you had just one more day on Earth?

A big party in a beautiful place to celebrate life! With all the people I love, all my dear ones, my family and friends.

Camila 7

Camila 6

5. The most important things in life are…

Love. Everything is love. The relationships, the motivation to become a better person each day, choosing a profession, everything is about love. Love is the energy that makes your life goes round… without love, we’re empty, we’re nobody. Only with love we can do anything we want to do.

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