Catiane Lauser

The natural beauty, the faith and the laid-back manner to face life were the main qualities that made Catiane Lauser outstand in her modeling career, which she started in 2008, at the age 18, a little later than most of the girls. Catiane, who left home in Sao Luiz Gonzaga (a small town in South Brazil) to live in busy capital Sao Paulo, majored in Business Administration and during one of her college vacation, started working as a model abroad. She has been to countries such as France, Italy, Chile, Malta, India and Egypt due to her work. The top model plans to keep her career for some more years, once she has found out a true passion for modeling.

Since 2008, how much has your career developed?

I’m very happy with my life journey and the directions my work has taken. Each year I gain more experience and richer luggage to carry with me.

Which dreams are you currently trying to accomplish? And what are your plans for the future?

I’m focused on this moment of my life, enjoying everything and living the most of it. The best of life is living it. And even having a major in Business, I plan to model for some more years. I love what I do!

You left home at a very early age and have worked in some countries. How do you plan to keep your pace and not get into competition issues that are so usual in the fashion world?

I started modeling later than the other girls. Even away from home, I kept my feet on the ground with the same essence and values that my family has taught me. Despite of the pressure (from the business she’s in), I try to neutralize the bad things, focusing on what makes me feel good.

What lesson will you forever carry with you?

The lesson of respecting everyone. The best thing is not just giving a good impression, but actually respecting your fellow human being. I believe this way we gain respect and admiration for the attitudes we take in all aspects of life.

What are the most remarkable works you’ve done so far?

I believe all works are equally important to my career. I picture my career as a ladder and each campaign is a higher step I take. That’s why I don’t mention any work in particular. All of them have helped to my professional and personal development.

Catiane Lauser

Based on experience, what’s the best way to achieve your dreams?

In my point of view, the best way to achieve my dreams and be successful is by helping others conquer their space.

Is there any country where you would like to live for a while? Which one and why?

I plan to live abroad, but I still haven’t decided about a specific country. I think that living abroad is a great experience that makes you change your opinions, learn new cultures and habits… This kind of knowledge is something magic.

In your opinion, is there a certain moment in the career that makes it clear to everyone that a person is a successful one?

No one can judge your success better than yourself. You know all the hard work it took to be in the place you are, so you know what you can do and even where to go in order to reach your goals.

What are your tips to keep shape and healthy?

I don’t have any special care with my skin or my body. I try to eat healthy food, exercise, sleep well and have a healthy life, even with a busy routine. I always keep balance, no extreme actions.

The first thing that comes to your mind when we mention:

A reference fashion designer: Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel)

A reference fashion model: Alessandra Ambrósio

Barefoot or high heels: High heels

Beach or mountains: Beach

Partying or watching films at home: watching films at home

Travelling abroad or inside your country: Both

Favorite trip: I went to Portugal with my family on a very special trip. We visited Santuário de Fátima (Fatima’s Sanctuary) and it was very emotional because it felt like a “thank you” moment with all the reflections, emotions and faith.

Do you have any quote, poem or song lyrics that work as a life motto?

Do good. Be good. And all the rest will come to you.

Catiane Lauser

Catiane Lauser

Catiane Lauser

Catiane Lauser

Catiane Lauser