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Fashion Model Marthina Brandt | @marthinabrandt

Marthina Brandt left Vale Real, a small city in the Southern countryside of Brazil with a population of less than 5,000 people, to become Miss Brazil in 2015, at age 23. Looking at this beautiful young lady it’s hard to say that behind the beauty there’s a person full of determination, strength and kindness.

In 2012 Marthina took part at Miss Rio Grande do Sul (her home state) pageant show and couldn’t make it to the top 15. But that wasn’t a reason for her to give up the dream of becoming the most beautiful woman of the country. Three years later, she tried again and left 26 other beautiful women behind to become Miss Brazil 2015.

Some of her passions are roller skating and cooking. At 4, she started practicing the sport and by the time she was 13, Marthina had won some local championships. Because of a knee injury she had to stop competing, but even now, she still loves the activity to keep her good shape.

Cooking is a recent passion that has become one of her most frequent and interesting hobbies. The model admits that cooking is her favorite moment of the day.



With all her kindness and charisma, Marthina Brandt has received Talk Magazine for a joyful conversation.

Being Miss Brazil and considered the most beautiful woman of a country is something that plays tricks with your ego or is it possible to control that?

I’ve always managed that very well and my thinking has always been focused on being a beautiful woman that could represent all the other Brazilian women. Being Miss Brazil goes beyond the beauty. These days, social media and TV give us a lot of space to take action.That helps me being not just a beautiful woman but also a woman who can be committed to causes and influence people with my ideas and personality.

You have reached a dream shared by thousands of Brazilian girls. Is it really worth the effort?

Yes, it was something very special, an experience that I will never forget. In 2012 I took part at Miss Rio Grande do Sul and made it only to the top 30. Then I worked hard for two years and decided to try it again in 2015. I had different kinds of classes and prepared myself physically. But, none of that would be possible without the support from my family and my boyfriend. Taking care of your ‘outside’ is important, but it means nothing if we aren’t surrounded by people who love us and give us motivation and enthusiasm.


What’s the best thing being Miss Brazil has given you?

I have grown a lot. We (women who dream about becoming a Miss) can’t think of the dimension of all of it. Just living it to know. The biggest lesson I have from that is gratitude, because we don’t go anywhere alone. I’m very thankful for everything I’ve lived and all the good things I received and still receive. People’s love is something that makes me very emotional.

Talking about fashion, which are your favorite brands?

Hermés, Pucci, Herve Leger, Chanel, Missoni and Givenchy.

How does a Miss evaluate the importance of internal beauty?

Since I was a child, I’ve learned that we should be humble. My grandfather used to tell me his life story and how important it is to keep our essence, no matter what we became. I believe we’re living in a temporary and ‘borrowed’ body and what we take from life are the good things we do to people around us. I have a lot of faith and pray any time I can. I try to be a calm person. I think your ego won’t take you anywhere and I believe we are all the same, no matter the stereotype.

Any dream that hasn’t come true yet?
Having my own family and becoming a mother.


Who is after-fame Marthina and where does she want to get?

Marthina is a calm, easy-going and dedicated woman who likes to help people. I don’t always get things right, but I’m always trying to improve who I am. Marthina today is sweeter and misses her family so much… but she always visits them whenever she can! I believe that even though you have a goal and want to reach it, all the journey to it and what we learn from it, is the most important thing. In the future – and I hope a near one – I want to have my own business. I’m already working hard to make it happen.

Being a top model and cooking lover. Do they match?

I love cooking. It’s a passion that I’ve developed through time. When I arrived in Sao Paulo I couldn’t prepare many things, just the very basic ones and wasn’t really into cooking. But then I’ve created a connection and plan to learn more about it, just as a free-time activity. Cooking makes me happy, it’s my favorite part of the day.

And how do you keep shape?

Fortunately, I’ve never had problems with that. I don’t gain weight easily but still I always try to eat healthy and balanced meals.

A special message to women…

Love yourselves and be yourselves. Look at the mirror and love what you see. Feel powerful because we all are. And that power comes from the inside!