Photograph Marcio Amaral | @marcioamaral

Photography Assistant Antonio Junior

Styling and Creative Direction Alexandre Dornellas | @adornellas

Production Assistant André Dragoni

Beauty Carlos Pompeio | @carlospompeio

Nails Dulce Heinrich

Fashion Model Natalia Zambiasi | @nataliazambiasi | Mega Model

Natalia Zambiasi

Despite of several invitations, Brazilian model Natalia Zambiasi -from the small town Carazinho , in the South region of the country – didn’t want to become a model. Her business was playing volleyball and becoming a professional athlete. But at the age of 18 Natalia had an insight and before moving to Germany – where she was supposed to study and fully dedicate to volleyball – she decided to drop by Sao Paulo to know a little more about the modelling market. It wasn’t long that the fashion doors opened up to her and in a short period of time she was living in New York. Since then, Natalia hasn’t stopped working, accumulating fashion shows for designer labels like Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana.

Natalia Zambiasi

Natalia is a work-out lover and enjoys leading a healthy life, but she also likes to make sure she’s not a radical one. With well-toned muscles and an astonishing body, the model catches everyone’s eyes wherever she goes and has received the title of “Brazilian bombshell” in fashion industry.

What’s the perfect recipe to show a great body in and out of the runways?

It’s important to find a sport that makes you feel good… not only the body but also the mind. It’s a moment for yourself. I enjoy going to the gym. I do all kinds of exercise: aerobics, functional training , and finally stretching. It’s my therapy. It’s where I put the everyday life stress away.

A label that changes any look?

I love Chanel and Balmain.

Being sexy is…

Being confident. Loving yourself.

Does fashion make the world go round?

Yes! I feel accomplished when I visit a different place in the world. Fashion sells dreams, beauty and joy. I get very happy when I take this kind of feeling to a place that needs it, when I see people watching the shows with sparkling eyes, because it’s something they’ve never seen before.

The best thing in life is…

Doing what you like and being surrounded by positive people. Being happy.

Natalia Zambiasi

Natalia Zambiasi

Natalia Zambiasi

Natalia Zambiasi

Natalia Zambiasi