The urologist Doctor Paul Perito has become well-known in Miami due to his specialized techniques helping to “raise” his patients’ self-steem. Differently from what many may think, penile prosthesis is no long just an esthethic procedure. Penile implants have become a very popular option for treating erectile dysfunction, a health problem that affects more than 30 million men only in the United States.

Responsible for more than 5000 cases of penile implants in 18 years of career, Dr. Perito has gained recognition and his clinic became a number-one training center for male health problems, attracting doctors from all over the world, interested in learning Perito’s minimally invasive technique.

Perito Urology – clinic and training center – is located in a discreet building in Coral Gables. Right after the main door, around 30 men waited for the doctor’s arrival. Even though penile problems may be a delicate issue for some people, all the patients in the waiting room seemed very comfortable. That is probably because Perito’s clinic is not the conventional kind.

As part of the decoration, sensual artworks give the building a relaxed and vivid atmosphere. Among beautiful pictures of nude women and sculptures representing the private moments of a couple, Paul Perito’s favorite piece is a completely non-sexual painting, signed by an unknown Colombian artist.

“I usually receive many pieces as a thank-you gift from patients. And even more gifts from their wives”, laughs Perito.

The doctor’s office resembles a typical living room, decorated with family photos, sport trophies and certificates from several universities from the US and other countries. Among them, University of Maryland School, Univeristy of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital (where Perito got a degree in General Clinic) and the Flinders University in South Australia (where the doctor specialized in Prostate Disorders). Board Certified Member of the American Urological Association, member of the Sexual Medicine and the Society of Prosthetic Surgeons, Dr. Paul Perito is currently the Chief of Surgey at the Coral Gables Hospital.

In the office, there is a minibar displaying different bottles of whiskey because twice a month a Men’s Club meeting takes place at the office terrace. The intention of these meetings is to reunite former patients who bring their friends and family members to talk over men’s health problems in a natural and relaxed way.

“You may think that men don’t have this kind of conversation among them, but you’re mistaken. They do, just like women do. The difference is the absence of good information available to these men. There are many women’s magazines that approach important issues related to women’s health, but there is little information about men’s health. Our meetings help these men to get more important information. We discuss their doubts, show videos, have some quality time and enjoy good whiskey. Once there was a wedding attended by 200 guests.”, explains Perito.

Perito has developed a fast and precise technique. Through a three-centimeter cut made at the abdominal region, an inflatable prosthesis is concealed in the patient’s sexual organ. The prosthesis is connected to a small pump concealed in the scrotum. When the pump is activated, the male organ can be erect for as long as the man wants. The side effects from the penile implant surgery are the same from any other kind of surgical procedure. They are controlled by taking antibiotics during the postoperative care.

After a short period – around six weeks – the patient who underwent this sophisticated procedure will be able to have regular sexual activities. It’s surely an excellent investiment for the man’s self- esteem.

Doctor Perito has definitely proven to be an expert.

More information: Paul E. Perito, M.D.. P.A 135 San Lorenzo Ave. Suite 540 – Coral Gables,Fl

Phone number: +1 305 444 2920