Born:  February, 10 of 1988

City: Petropolis / Rio de Janeiro
Graduation: 2012 University of Jornalism Rio de Janeiro
Profession: Actress and TV Presenter
Favorite Hobbies and Interests: Playing Tennis, Jogging, Reading, Travelling

Born in one of the most traditional families in Brasil, Fiorella Mattheis is Brazilian descendant of Germans and Italians. She was born in Petropolis, in the Mountain Region of Rio de Janeiro State. His father Andreas Mattheis was a successful Racing Driver and today is the Chief of Staff at two major Brazilian Racing Car Team (RedBull Team / Shell A.Mattheis Motorsport) at the STOCK CAR BRAZIL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Her mother Sandra Gelli Mattheis, is a business woman, Fiorella’s manager and responsible to conducting her successful career.

Fiorella Mattheis began her modeling career when she was 14 years old. By the age of 17, she had worked in the advertising markets in São Paulo, Germany, Italy, Greece, UK, Japan and China. Besides Brazilian Portuguese, she speaks English and Italian fluently.

Back to Brazil in 2007, Fiorella begins her TV career as TV Presenter on cable channel Sport Tv/Tv Globo and on Tv Globo (the biggest TV channel in Brazil) she hosted a daily variety program “Video Show” from 2009 to 2011. As an actress, Fiorella Mattheis debuted in the famous teen Brazilian soap opera “Malhação – 2008” playing the protagonist. She also played roles on TV Series and soap operas such as “A Favorita – 2008” and “Fina Estampa 2009” – all of them on channel Globo. Since 2013 she is part of the cast of the TV Comedy Series “Vai que Cola” on cable channel “Multishow / Tv Globo” playing the character “Velna” – a false Czech Girl who believes that in Brazil, due to the heat, she can wear only bikinis. The program has the highest cable TV ratings from the last 10 years and in 2016 there will be the recording of its fourth season. Due to this great success, in 2015 a film derived from the TV series was released. “Vai que Cola, the Movie” had the best première of 2015 for the national cinema and was watched by over 4 million people.

Fiorella Mattheis is today a great example of an “It girl”. Her face brightens campaigns of the main national and international brands and she is a popular influencer on social networks – her Instagram account (@fiorellamattheis) has reached 2.1 million followers. Her international beauty is on magazine covers and she definitely is one of the most influential names from her generation in the advertising Market. The name Fiorella Mattheis represents talent, beauty, youthfulness, a vivid and healthy lifestyle. But above all, her name represents the credibility of building a solid and well structured career. From London, where she’s currently living, Fiorella had a conversation with Talk Magazine Miami.

When and why did you decide to move to London ?

In fact, my current moment is being part in Brazil and part in London. My work is in Brazil, but my boyfriend has moved to London to play soccer and we’ve decided to match our schedules. And now, I’m going to work here too.

How was the adaptation period in the city ?

London is my favorite city. I lived here when I was a model, in 2005, and I have returned many other times, on vacation. As I already know it quite well and have always had a lot of identification with the city, it feels like home! I know where the organic market is, where I can attend the functional training, which places to go in order to fix some home issues and also a lot of great restaurants for dinner.

Are you already used to the weather ? New habits ?

Absolutely!! English people are very helpful! It’s easy to adapt to a city where everything is organized and everything works.

Could you mention 3 of your favorite hotspots for those planning to visit the city (a café, a shop, a beauty shop…)?
I have an appointment on Thursday at George Northwood Salon to have my hair done! I’ve always loved his work and, now that I’m here, I couldn’t miss the chance of going there. There are many restaurants here, but I’ve been to Jinjuu in Soho and loved it! Korean, modern, a cool place and amazing food! I haven’t been to any pubs yet, but when I go I will choose Anglesea Arms which is super cool and very close to my house.

You have just signed a contract with Next Model London. What are your expectations ?

Yes, my office in Brazil has closed this partnership with Next London to take care of my international career. We had a meeting there with the Talent department and I was very happy because they have ideas that match mine: we want to work for big brands, as an influencer, be on magazines and fashion events.

Do you think about investing more in your modeling career ?

It’s not only modelling, I’ve done that… I have a career in Brazil, the idea is to put together my work as an ac- tress, model and influencer with things I can do in London. In Brazil, all the advertising and campaigns I make have my personal touch, my signature… Somehow, I participate in the creation process! The idea is to work hard to make this happen in London too!

Do you have plans for working as an actress internationally ?

In May we are filming the season 4 of “Vai que Cola”, a comedy show on Mutlishow channel, in Brazil. So, I’ll be part here and part there. In London my focus is fashion but the doors are open for any opportunities that show up! I speak fluent English and when my participation in the filming is over, I want to take an acting course here.

Living between London and Brazil is not easy… What do you do to avoid jet lag effects ?

Wow! It’s really tough! I’m going to Brazil twice a month and it’s always a fast trip, so I don’t even have time to get used to the time zone… But I love this busy life. I love working and love being with my boyfriend, so I’m happy.

Pato and you are very connected and close to each other. Do you make plans for getting married and having kids?

Yes, we are very happy and enjoying our relationship as much as we can. We have plans, ideas, dreams… We’re working for it.