Paul George, ex-NBA star, has been collaborating with Nike for some time on limited edition sneakers but now he’s back with some a bit more astronomical in nature in the shape of these Nike Paul George NASA Sneakers. The brilliant looking sneakers have great aesthetic dignity and combine it with design features that put them among the most impressive footwear on the market. All the footwear from George tells a story of self-awareness and commitment to improvement. The Nike Paul George NASA Sneakers have been created in partnership with Nike Basketball Footwear Designer Tony Hardman, who is famous for creating some of the most functional and efficient footwear on the market.

As expected, there is a distinct NASA vibe to the visual of these sneakers, using the colorways and patches we know from the space agency. This superb collection of footwear and apparel from Nike has captured our imagination, and if the same has happened to you, stay tuned because the pieces will be available from January 26th.