By Magali Magalhães

Renata KuertenRenata Kuerten is going through a unique moment in life. Besides her solid modeling career, she’s gaining recognition for her performance as a TV hostess, started in 2015. She isn’t afraid to say that the new challenge is getting more and more space in her heart.

The girl from Braço do Norte – a small town 155km away from Florianópolis, the capital city of Santa Catarina, a state in South of Brazil – fell in love with the fashion world at only 10 years old. Now at 27, Renata (who started working in farming at a very early age) holds a vast experience that includes: fashion shows in France, Germany, Argentina and Israel; more than 50 magazine covers, such as Vogue, Elle and Marie Clarie; campaigns for Brazilian brands M.Officer, Animale, Valisére and Boticário. She’s worked with renowned photographers Paolo Roversi, André Schiliró, Gui Paganini and Bob Wolfenson.

Renata’s journey started when the scouter Bruwin de Oliveira finally saw her and invited her to take part in a contest organized in her hometown. She took the first place and won a trip to São Paulo to visit Mega Model Brazil, where everything started. Since then, a lot – if not everything – that Renata has learned in the modeling career is due to the agency, considered one of the biggest in the country. It’s been 12 years  of a solid partnership.


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What’s the first step in order to become a top model?

To be a top model you must deeply want that career. Life as a model, especially in the first years, is very hard. If that’s not your dream and you don’t have it very clear for yourself, you won’t be able to go through all the obstacles. I’ve always wanted to be a model, since I was very young. I started knowing about all the scouters in my city and spent many days walking after them (laughs).

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced so far in your professional life?

Being away from my family. When I was 16 I took a test to work in Paris and got the job. I spent one whole year living abroad, not only in France but also in Israel and Germany. My career took off and everything happened very fast. I miss all my family so much, even now.

And what’s the happiest moment the modeling career has given you?

The opportunity to buy my mom a house. I come from a poor family and thank God I could give her the house she’s always dreamed of.

Is the successful work a consequence of luck or dedication?

I love the sentence that says: “The more I work, the luckier I am” (laughs). I truly believe in dedication. I have no doubts that it brings success.

In the fashion world, do you still have any dream to accomplish?

No, I believe I could accomplish everything I wanted.

Do you currently feel more like a model or a TV hostess?

Currently I am a model and a TV hostess. I don’t think there’s a way to measure how much I’m into each activity. I give my best to both of them and to be the best professional I can.

Renata Kuerten
Artur Igrecias/ Disclosure RedeTV!


Renata Kuerten
Artur Igrecias/ Disclosure RedeTV!


What’s the difference between going on a runway and facing a TV camera?

On the runway, you’re like a ‘clothes hanger’ and have to do everything the client asks. On TV you have the chance to show your personality and be yourself. When I started the show on RedeTV! I was completely dependent on the teleprompter. I had a hard time reading the script, I was afraid and couldn’t relax. Right now, I don’t read anything at all… I make a research about the guest before recording the show, then I practice a little with my team to see how it flows and start saying what comes to my mind.

Has fashion helped you as TV hostess?

Of course! Fashion has taught me how to act in front of a camera, some lighting concepts, how to move… I owe everything to fashion!

Someone you would love to interview on your show?

My ‘relative’ Gustavo Kuerten. We’re from the same family, he’s my distant cousin.

Do you think about retiring from runways to fully dedicate to your career as a TV hostess?

That will happen, eventually. A new generation of top models is coming to be in my place, it’s natural. But I don’t think about it right now, I love working in fashion.

How does it feel to be a famous and beautiful woman?

I don’t stop to think about it. I keep my feet on the ground and I think I’m as normal as everybody else. Obviously, I love being flattered.

Is internal beauty also important?

Of course! It’s the most important of all! I’ve met some girls who are beautiful on the outside but were not successful because of their inside. Your biggest dream… Having a daily show on TV. Future plans… Having my daily show on TV. I’m working hard for it.