After the tragic episode on July 6th, Sansão was taken to Belo Horizonte and was admitted to Hospital Arnaldo, a reference in veterinary treatment, and stayed there for almost 20 days. And just like the eponymous character, the biblical Samson, the dog showed unimaginable strength and survived the attack. Sansão may never understand, but it became a symbol of the fight against animal abuse and cruelty.

Touched by the dog’s story, businessman and philanthropist Alexandre Soares – a true animal lover – has decided to embrace not only the animal cause but also Sansão, becoming its patron for life. Since July, Soares has been the responsible for all the treatment costs, including the production of a prosthesis to offer the dog a better life.


However, Alexandre’s help wasn’t only for Sansão’s medical care and recovery. He has also traveled to Confins more than once to meet the police officer responsible for the case, Dr. Glória Maria Duarte Resende. During one of these meetings, he could convince her to reopen the lawsuit investigating the death of dog Zeus, Sansão’s father, that happened two years ago. The dog was killed by the same criminal, Julio Cesar, who used a knife to cut Zeus, while the dog was still being held by its tutor Nathan Braga.

Due to the cruelty of the murder and also to the reoccurrence of the action, the case was reopened by the police officer and new hearings happened with the witnesses. It was stated that the offender couldn’t have the benefit of two law agreements (TCO). So, the officer indicated in the report that the defendant should be criminally sued. It was such a shocking and hideous crime that Nathan Braga, Sansão’s tutor, has been going to therapy since then to help dealing with the trauma.


Since 2010 Alexandre Soares has been acting as a philanthropist and in 2015 he retired and now can use all his time to social causes. He sees the animal protection as one of the most important elements for a better world. Soares has acted with some animal organizations, such as Clube dos Vira-Latas (2015), Rancho dos Gnomos (2016), Ampara Animal (2016 – 2019) and Adote um Coração (2019 – 2020).

For the last years, around 1200 dogs have been benefited by the businessman’s support, including exams, treatments and surgeries. Currently Alexandre is taking his time to dedicate to his own institution: the animal protection association Patas Para Você (Paws For You) which mission is to keep offering special treatment to the most vulnerable animals and working as support for independent animal protectors.

Alexander Soares has also been working with international philanthropy through the Roger Federer Foundation, that promotes education and sports access to vulnerable children from underdeveloped countries. Alexandre and the Swiss athlete met in 2012 and have been friends since then.