By Alexandre Soares



Located inside the famous W South Beach and having more than 370 square meters, WALL offers a youthful and intimate vibe. Since 2009, the club has become a place for celebrities, jet-setters and fun lovers. Texturized walls, leather sofas and a central DJ booth create the perfect environment for those who love dancing until the sun rises. But the biggest highlight in the design is the chandelier projected by the Dutch designer Raimond Puts: a huge sphere formed by hundreds of LED lights that substitute the traditional mirror ball, creating a transcendental atmosphere.

“What makes a club become a hot spot is its staff”, says Nicola Siervo, the owner of WALL. “You may cover the walls in gold, but if the crew is not established and locally known, there is no chance of success. Miami is our backyard and most of our clients are friends and industry colleagues”, he completes.